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24 Mart 2015
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infertility IVF center istanbul memorial

infertility IVF center istanbul memorial

Istanbul Memorial  Hospital İnfertility ( IVF  ) Center

infertility treatment istanbul

Memorial IVF center istanbul


We strive to make you have the most beautiful gift of your life.

In our IVF department, we pay attention to treat every person in a special, respectful way. Our entire team, from the very first moment you arrive at our unit, is ready to assist you to make you feel like home. We are aware of the difficulties you are having in this stresful time. That is why we do our best to make the process easy and straightforward couples.


Infertility treatment Istanbul


It is commonly known that stress and tension cause many health problems. Examples include heart disease, stomach problems or blood pressure problems. Stress experienced by a couple may have negative effects on the IVF treatment. Our team colleagues are all well prepared for possible inconveniences you may be undergoing and are there to help you in any case. Couples who are getting informed and understand every step of the therapy feel more comfortable and calm. In the department we give particular importance to three elements: success, security and privacy.


Success As in any health issue, you should be open to various scientific and medical treatment options. Approaches such as hypnosis, herbal treatments can be used for the actual treatment support but can never replace it. Our unit has all the equipment required by world standards of modern medicine. Regular examinations and tests help keep the success results on a high 45-50% level.


Security During the treatment collected cells are under a very detailed care. In a triple control system mixing the cells probability is reduced to zero. Using someone else’s cell is prohibited. The penalty is greater. There is no mixing possibility. Only the couple’s cells are used in the treatment. Hospital records are checked by two different experts.


Safeguarding Patient Information The social value and the couple’s sensitivity to the subject is always taken into consideration.  As in any other health problem, the couple’s condition, received treatments and test results shall be kept in strict confidence. Confidentiality is our top principle. Without the permission of the couple, no one, including mother, father or siblings can ever be informed about the subject. Private information will not be shared. The maximum respect is shown to the couple’s private lives during inspections or operations. We try to provide all facilities to prevent and reduce stress.


IVF is a team effort! IVF is not just the job of the doctor or embryologist. It is a team work but the main duty is still up to the couple. We, doctors, embryologists, nurses, staff with all of our skills and scientific knowledge are the patients’ consultants and support. We keep moving towards a solution together.

As the experienced team of  Mr Cem Demirel,MD  we offer to the future parents the highest world standards and outstanding achievements in the field of IVF


Zeki SALAR,MD Memorial Ataşehir Hospital  IVF Centre, Istanbul Turkey


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